The Bride

Booking for Small Events and Projects

Benjamin Burner’s passion is photography, and he loves to turn creative visions into reality. Regardless of the nature or scope of your event or project, you can expect personal attention and professionalism through every step of the process. Rates start at just $50!

Booking for Weddings and Other Large Events

Benjamin Burner is available to shoot weddings throughout Southern California and is also willing to travel if expenses are paid. Benjamin always meets with clients before a large shoot to ensure they get exactly what they want from their pictures. Rates for weddings and other large shoots usually start around $500. This includes consultation, a full day of photography, and delivery of digital prints with minor retouching.

Purchasing and Licensing Prints

A very limited number of prints are available for purchase. Each image by Benjamin Burner is carefully prepared. Most prints are one of a kind, and Benjamin Burner chooses the size, paper, and printing technique. Each print is also labeled uniquely and signed by the artist. There is, therefore, no set price list. You can expect a 16×20 to cost somewhere around $40-$60 while large Panoramas (sometimes 8 or 10 feet long) can cost $150 or more. If you are interested in an image on this site or on the blog, contact Burner Photography, and we will provide information on the size and price of the print. Limited licensing is also available.

For all booking, print, and licensing information, please contact Benjamin Burner.